Saturday, 19 December 2009

Final Covers

(meant to be black)
I'm not quite sure why it isn't black it is on my laptop... Lord knows. Anyway; This is the final cover for Tales of the unexpected. I'm really pleased with it. I used the wallpaper to keep a consistency with the interiors. I then worked the type into the wallpaper to again portray this idea of subtle drama. I hand drew the type, mainly because of my current obsession with hand drawn type but also because I think that in itself is quite "unexpected". The other subtle focus on this piece is the illustrations built into the wall paper that you don't necessarily see straight away, illustrations that represent each of the stories in the book; a lamb for "Lamb to the slaughter" for example... I'm really pleased with this. I think it's bold and eye catching and I would pick this book up. But I am of course biased!

This is the new version of Alice and I think it looks sooo much better. I really like just the hint of the top of her head as apposed to the full body, I think it portrays her character better, nosily/curiously peaking in. This has also give the type more space and Alices eyes help direct to this and make it more prominent. I left her eyes Blue, highlighting her point of view and that it's her mind and journey. The only thing I think I need to look at again is the white circle. It was meant to represent the hole, but I think Alices head would be a big enough constrast, showing more literal approach of her thoughts/dream than falling down the hole...

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Tales of the Life Ruiner... or Unexpected

These are lino prints and then edited in photoshop, including a wallpaper. I'm really proud of these. I really like the emotion expressed on the first, conveying the story quite nicely, subtle drama. The second is my favourite becuase it looks like such a simply, normal illustration, when really it is portraying the murder weapon. I think compositionally it is quite strong, bold. The final is again to subtly hint the scene, though I definetly need to work on the positioning, the feet look a bit like they are hanging rather than it being a disjointed shot of the body....

Wednesday, 2 December 2009


My next project, an illustration project, we had to design 2 book covers and 3 interior illustrations. The first book cover was for Alice in Wonderland, thus this design. I wanted to illustrate everything that happened in the book, I couldn't just pick one bit. I wanted to represent Alice falling down the hole then show all the things she met along the way. I think I've done this in quite a fun way, representing the difference in worlds in use of colour. I'm really enjoying hand drawn type at the moment so I like the type used in this and think it works will with the illustrations. Something about this isn't working I can't decide what yet though...

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Neeew Body pieces

New Pieces:
Working more with the text integrating in the images for example "A womans face is her work of Fiction" so type on the persons face... including a book. Looking more at geometric shapes and negative space just give the piece a bit more excitement but also a cleaner feel which works better for the fact that it is about beauty. kept the backgrounds but put brown paper over the top so the pages keep the same colours but a smoother look.

Cover, quite simple but neat. didnt want anything too ott as that is alllllll inside :)

Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Pretty much what I'm thinking for my final pages...
Illustrations are the areas that you are looking at and can choose from
collages to the right are examples of how these could be used, the mix of collage and drawing is quite interesting if not abit weird/ terrifying
this is trying to portray the idea that even if you can pick parts of your body from other people it doesn't mean you will look good, so to embrace yourself kinda tiiing...
I used note paper as I wanted to keep the pages quite sketchy as if a scrap book, and thought it worked nicely with the background and the collage.
I hand wrote all type to continue this theme
The catalogue is almost an experssion of a girls mind, a collection/ scrap book of everything they would want to be, thinking about all the areas they would select and how they would put them together etc...
they type relate to the subject but give a positive thought to the pages so as if to conclude the madness...
The collages are made from modern celebrities as well as female icons such as twiggy and madonna. I used a mix because I like the black and white older photos as they work well with my background, mixing with the more vibrant colours of modern photos.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Website Rational


After presenting my website to Tom, Mike and the rest of my group a few alterations were pointed out. First of all my rollovers were being pains and didn't work which was brilliant to say the least so that is obviously something I need to address. It was pointed out to me that my work is predominately black and white so the use of the colour splashes seemed to contrast with the rest of my work, it was suggested that I make my entire site black and white. My reason for using colour was just to make the page a bit more striking but I think the bird pattern does that and obviously my work. Also because my type is unique and personal the colour wasn't really needed. I think when I revise my site I'd either remove the colour or make it monochrome...
The next point made was that my pages are made to be central wit the back ground creating and almost border to the page and directing the eye to the centre, so I think my work would need to be central, perhaps by creating thumbnails under the main images to navigate through?
Overall I felt that the presentation went fairly well and think the critisms made were appropriate and definately something I will address.

(example of page on site)

For my website I wanted something quite simple but also something that expressed both my and the style in which I work. I also wanted it to be quite modern and Youthful as I think that is predominantly the type of things I'd like to be working with and doing. First of all I selected the background as it was quite exciting and vibrant, but I kept the colours to black and white so it wasn't too distracting from the work I would be putting on the page.

I put the white on top of this so there would be lots of white space around the images, illustrations etc that I would be putting on the site. this makes the images advance towards you, the background guides your eye into the page and down through it. It took me a while to get used to the idea of slices on Fireworks so I kept my pages quite simple, they all follow the same layout which makes the site quite easy to navigate round and keeps it quite simple which works effectively so people don't get too confused and navigate away from my page.

I used hands written type for my logo and heading, this gave my page a quirky feel and also quite a personal feel. I personally like hand written type and alot of the sites I looked at used hand written type which I really liked. I combined this with some selected type just so the titles of the images I put up were easy to change add, delete etc. I combined this with splashes of colour to give the page that extra bit of vibrancy as this colour contrasts the use of monochrome in the rest of the page. I made my rolloevers colourful spashes so as to highlight where you could navigate through which I thought was quite a fun way to do this instead of a simple underline. It also adds quite a youthful, exciteable feel to the page.

Overall I quite like my site. I think it illustrates me and my work quite effectively. The site is simple and easy to move through and all works as I intended it too. there is one area, my rollovers, that don't quite work exactly how I wanted them too but I am still trying to work out how to fix this. Overall I'm pleased with my website and glad I stuck with it working out how to do things.

Animation Illustrations

My animation is about Erno Goldfinger and basically the viewer is taken on a tour around Trellick Towers, A building he designed. It is intended to be quite mysterious to portray his personality. Gold hand prints and splashes are all around the building, and the viewer follows them to the top of the building where they finally see Goldfinger, this Giant, intimidating characters who then crushes the camera and ends the animation. this is to show the negative elements about Goldfinger people seem to feel about him, influenced by James Bond goldfinger film...

Here are just a couple of the illustration used until I get it finished

First image, trellick towers

lift doors that slide open

London from Trellick Towers...

I would put up more but my laptops being a bit of a bugger today which is just what you need with a few days to deadlines.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Body Project

I hate this project. With all my heart. I have never had such a creative block, its taken me 4 weeks to even have a vague idea! But I've spent the weekend playing around and have come up with an idea which will hopefully be good.

First Idea I've been playing with over the past few weeks. The idea focuses on negative opinions people have of themselves and replacing them with things they do like/ think are perfect. The outcome is effectively is rather vile, thus proving that perfection is unattainable or impossible

This is what I would look like if I could take all the parts of other people and put them together, effectively I would be terrifying...
Lauren Conrads Hair (ginger, would probably be darker but it refused)
Cheryl Coles Face
Katy Perry eyes and Body
Rachael Bilson nose
Selena Gomez Mouth

I quite liked the wackiness of this image but the images used are obviously not my own, so I am going to take this idea and develop it using my own work. I quite want to use illustration rather than photography as I've done quite abit of photography so far and want to play about with illustration more. I decided I would create some kind of catologue that you would go through and select different parts of the body to create a new person/life...
I got quite stuck on how to portray this idea but then came across Claire Ann Baker who gave me a few ideas

After looking at some of her work I decided to initially create some backgrounds for my collages using found textures that I photographed, for example the following image is a photograph of a jumper. I then put layers of paint and chalk on top to create the following pages, maintaining a common colour scheme:

These are just some of the base collages. My idea is to then add more layers or illustration, cut out bits and photographs to create the catalogue. Pages to the left would be the style you could choose from and pages to the right would be sample ideas. This being an example:

Obvious influence of Mr Bingo although I was just taking this idea from the piece I'd done before. Think the illustrations work quite nicely with the background as the backgrounds have a sort of vintage feel and the illustrations appear more modern. Other pages would have pages of eyes, nose, mouths, body etc. Not sure how well this will go down but it's an actual idea I like

So I've noooow, done my illustrations for this, so after that I've just got to do my collage, type, put it together and I'm done! yay! Think I may also drop a bit of colour, paint splash and ting on in illustrator...Shame I've got 3 days pretty much, to do it! booo

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Wire Framing

Initial page which would include logo, click to lead to main page and links to work

This would be the main page. links to more pages on the images and word option
Grey areas are the side bars where the birds would be...

Link to Blog, writing on the left work to the right. keep navigation bar along top and logo.

Links on the left to the work pieces. Work pieces on the right, move to match the links.

Contact and links

(I'm not sure if I've done this right)

Monday, 5 October 2009

Because it made me laugh, alot

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Web Design

So We've been asked to design ideas for our own websites so I figured the best place to start would be to look at sites that I like and think work effectively...
Like that this page is pretty slick, the designs cool itself so the site is fairly simple which I like. Like the use of black and white
Again like the simplicity, lets the work speak for itself. Like the hand written logo, makes it quite personal.
Like the designs of Glamour Kills, quite expressive of the designer and the target audience (young teens, quite alternative). Like hand written type and the cut out effect. Like the expressive use of paint splashes. Background changes according to new range which I like. Quite simple navigation, breaks everything down.
This is a spin off site from Glamour Kills and All Time Low, both the company and band are quite quirky and light hearted so I think their site would need to express this which I think it does quite well in the background, then the actual content is quite simple, where people can either leave messages or just rant or whatever which again is shown in just the simple structure used.
This websites quite simple but the I love the product packaging (So much so that I buy the makeup more for the box it comes in than the job it does ;)) Like the use of colour, quite muted but feminine which is appropriate to T/A and product...
Like that the type is handwritten, quite quirky and fun but perhaps a bit difficult to read. I like the idea of hand written type as I think it gives a bit more of a personal feel and I myself am a bit more of an illustrator than a typographer which is something I'd like to portray in my site... Like the use of black and white and one colour keeps the sight quite simple without being boring. Think keeping colours to a minimal makes the design work itself more prominent.
This site is similar to the last but perhaps a bit easier to read and navigate through, some use of handwritten type and some typeface.

This was my first design. I wanted to keep the layout quite simple so as not to distract from the art. I like the handwritten text logo but think the black is a bit distracting from the rest of the page. Intended to frame but is perhaps a bit too big. Think this design is abit too plain or not quite structured effectively.

I like this design, I like the way the birds add a sort of vibrance to the page but don't distract. Think this is helped by the use of only black and white. Slight use of colour just to highlight name, suppose it is about me after all. Probably would have to use all hand written type which could work quite nicely as I feel the text is still easy to read and gives a personal feel. Search bottom a bit distracting.

Quite a nice colour choice, plain and not too vibrant but still feminine. Again like the use of black and white on everything else, actually images can then have colour that will make them more prominent. Would need all hand written text to keep the theme cohesive. Think I prefer previous Idea as it seems to Frame the work better than this...

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Corperate Identity

For this project we were given two words and had to create a company from the words. We then had to create the branding for said company. I can't remember my words but they were to do with a journey as my initial plan was to design a travel agents. I then thought foot forward was quite a good name for a trainer store. I wanted to make a new store that was simple, so in that the trainers that would be sold would speak for themselves.

I had some quite complicated designs including footprints but I then decided to just strip it right back to the name and then a simple arrow. I feel that gives the logo enough movement and interest without being over complicated. I choose the colours, monochrome so that the logo could work on anything then using this blue as it feel quite calm but still youthful and fresh.


This is the design for the interior, I wanted the shop to be plain and clean, using white. I then wanted the interiors to illustrate the youthful feel and be welcoming to the customers. I wanted the trainers to be the prominent features, thus whey the holders for this is the main feature on the walls...

This was a poster I designed for the company. We had to come up with a slogan; mine being "foot me" I wanted it to be youthful and playful, thus why I used a play on words with foot and the colloquialism "fuck". As in "fuck me that's good" HOWEVER, reassessing this, I feel this makes my store seem a bit cheesey or tacky, which takes away from the slick, neatness of the rest of the shop. I don't really like this poster anymore, but it was the first time I used Illustrator and manged to create that trainer, which I'm quite proud of!