Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Web Design

So We've been asked to design ideas for our own websites so I figured the best place to start would be to look at sites that I like and think work effectively...
Like that this page is pretty slick, the designs cool itself so the site is fairly simple which I like. Like the use of black and white
Again like the simplicity, lets the work speak for itself. Like the hand written logo, makes it quite personal.
Like the designs of Glamour Kills, quite expressive of the designer and the target audience (young teens, quite alternative). Like hand written type and the cut out effect. Like the expressive use of paint splashes. Background changes according to new range which I like. Quite simple navigation, breaks everything down.
This is a spin off site from Glamour Kills and All Time Low, both the company and band are quite quirky and light hearted so I think their site would need to express this which I think it does quite well in the background, then the actual content is quite simple, where people can either leave messages or just rant or whatever which again is shown in just the simple structure used.
This websites quite simple but the I love the product packaging (So much so that I buy the makeup more for the box it comes in than the job it does ;)) Like the use of colour, quite muted but feminine which is appropriate to T/A and product...
Like that the type is handwritten, quite quirky and fun but perhaps a bit difficult to read. I like the idea of hand written type as I think it gives a bit more of a personal feel and I myself am a bit more of an illustrator than a typographer which is something I'd like to portray in my site... Like the use of black and white and one colour keeps the sight quite simple without being boring. Think keeping colours to a minimal makes the design work itself more prominent.
This site is similar to the last but perhaps a bit easier to read and navigate through, some use of handwritten type and some typeface.

This was my first design. I wanted to keep the layout quite simple so as not to distract from the art. I like the handwritten text logo but think the black is a bit distracting from the rest of the page. Intended to frame but is perhaps a bit too big. Think this design is abit too plain or not quite structured effectively.

I like this design, I like the way the birds add a sort of vibrance to the page but don't distract. Think this is helped by the use of only black and white. Slight use of colour just to highlight name, suppose it is about me after all. Probably would have to use all hand written type which could work quite nicely as I feel the text is still easy to read and gives a personal feel. Search bottom a bit distracting.

Quite a nice colour choice, plain and not too vibrant but still feminine. Again like the use of black and white on everything else, actually images can then have colour that will make them more prominent. Would need all hand written text to keep the theme cohesive. Think I prefer previous Idea as it seems to Frame the work better than this...

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