Saturday, 26 September 2009

Corperate Identity

For this project we were given two words and had to create a company from the words. We then had to create the branding for said company. I can't remember my words but they were to do with a journey as my initial plan was to design a travel agents. I then thought foot forward was quite a good name for a trainer store. I wanted to make a new store that was simple, so in that the trainers that would be sold would speak for themselves.

I had some quite complicated designs including footprints but I then decided to just strip it right back to the name and then a simple arrow. I feel that gives the logo enough movement and interest without being over complicated. I choose the colours, monochrome so that the logo could work on anything then using this blue as it feel quite calm but still youthful and fresh.


This is the design for the interior, I wanted the shop to be plain and clean, using white. I then wanted the interiors to illustrate the youthful feel and be welcoming to the customers. I wanted the trainers to be the prominent features, thus whey the holders for this is the main feature on the walls...

This was a poster I designed for the company. We had to come up with a slogan; mine being "foot me" I wanted it to be youthful and playful, thus why I used a play on words with foot and the colloquialism "fuck". As in "fuck me that's good" HOWEVER, reassessing this, I feel this makes my store seem a bit cheesey or tacky, which takes away from the slick, neatness of the rest of the shop. I don't really like this poster anymore, but it was the first time I used Illustrator and manged to create that trainer, which I'm quite proud of!

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  1. so far looking good - don't forget the flow chart+web designs