Sunday, 18 October 2009

Body Project

I hate this project. With all my heart. I have never had such a creative block, its taken me 4 weeks to even have a vague idea! But I've spent the weekend playing around and have come up with an idea which will hopefully be good.

First Idea I've been playing with over the past few weeks. The idea focuses on negative opinions people have of themselves and replacing them with things they do like/ think are perfect. The outcome is effectively is rather vile, thus proving that perfection is unattainable or impossible

This is what I would look like if I could take all the parts of other people and put them together, effectively I would be terrifying...
Lauren Conrads Hair (ginger, would probably be darker but it refused)
Cheryl Coles Face
Katy Perry eyes and Body
Rachael Bilson nose
Selena Gomez Mouth

I quite liked the wackiness of this image but the images used are obviously not my own, so I am going to take this idea and develop it using my own work. I quite want to use illustration rather than photography as I've done quite abit of photography so far and want to play about with illustration more. I decided I would create some kind of catologue that you would go through and select different parts of the body to create a new person/life...
I got quite stuck on how to portray this idea but then came across Claire Ann Baker who gave me a few ideas

After looking at some of her work I decided to initially create some backgrounds for my collages using found textures that I photographed, for example the following image is a photograph of a jumper. I then put layers of paint and chalk on top to create the following pages, maintaining a common colour scheme:

These are just some of the base collages. My idea is to then add more layers or illustration, cut out bits and photographs to create the catalogue. Pages to the left would be the style you could choose from and pages to the right would be sample ideas. This being an example:

Obvious influence of Mr Bingo although I was just taking this idea from the piece I'd done before. Think the illustrations work quite nicely with the background as the backgrounds have a sort of vintage feel and the illustrations appear more modern. Other pages would have pages of eyes, nose, mouths, body etc. Not sure how well this will go down but it's an actual idea I like

So I've noooow, done my illustrations for this, so after that I've just got to do my collage, type, put it together and I'm done! yay! Think I may also drop a bit of colour, paint splash and ting on in illustrator...Shame I've got 3 days pretty much, to do it! booo

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