Saturday, 19 December 2009

Final Covers

(meant to be black)
I'm not quite sure why it isn't black it is on my laptop... Lord knows. Anyway; This is the final cover for Tales of the unexpected. I'm really pleased with it. I used the wallpaper to keep a consistency with the interiors. I then worked the type into the wallpaper to again portray this idea of subtle drama. I hand drew the type, mainly because of my current obsession with hand drawn type but also because I think that in itself is quite "unexpected". The other subtle focus on this piece is the illustrations built into the wall paper that you don't necessarily see straight away, illustrations that represent each of the stories in the book; a lamb for "Lamb to the slaughter" for example... I'm really pleased with this. I think it's bold and eye catching and I would pick this book up. But I am of course biased!

This is the new version of Alice and I think it looks sooo much better. I really like just the hint of the top of her head as apposed to the full body, I think it portrays her character better, nosily/curiously peaking in. This has also give the type more space and Alices eyes help direct to this and make it more prominent. I left her eyes Blue, highlighting her point of view and that it's her mind and journey. The only thing I think I need to look at again is the white circle. It was meant to represent the hole, but I think Alices head would be a big enough constrast, showing more literal approach of her thoughts/dream than falling down the hole...

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Tales of the Life Ruiner... or Unexpected

These are lino prints and then edited in photoshop, including a wallpaper. I'm really proud of these. I really like the emotion expressed on the first, conveying the story quite nicely, subtle drama. The second is my favourite becuase it looks like such a simply, normal illustration, when really it is portraying the murder weapon. I think compositionally it is quite strong, bold. The final is again to subtly hint the scene, though I definetly need to work on the positioning, the feet look a bit like they are hanging rather than it being a disjointed shot of the body....

Wednesday, 2 December 2009


My next project, an illustration project, we had to design 2 book covers and 3 interior illustrations. The first book cover was for Alice in Wonderland, thus this design. I wanted to illustrate everything that happened in the book, I couldn't just pick one bit. I wanted to represent Alice falling down the hole then show all the things she met along the way. I think I've done this in quite a fun way, representing the difference in worlds in use of colour. I'm really enjoying hand drawn type at the moment so I like the type used in this and think it works will with the illustrations. Something about this isn't working I can't decide what yet though...