Monday, 26 October 2009

Animation Illustrations

My animation is about Erno Goldfinger and basically the viewer is taken on a tour around Trellick Towers, A building he designed. It is intended to be quite mysterious to portray his personality. Gold hand prints and splashes are all around the building, and the viewer follows them to the top of the building where they finally see Goldfinger, this Giant, intimidating characters who then crushes the camera and ends the animation. this is to show the negative elements about Goldfinger people seem to feel about him, influenced by James Bond goldfinger film...

Here are just a couple of the illustration used until I get it finished

First image, trellick towers

lift doors that slide open

London from Trellick Towers...

I would put up more but my laptops being a bit of a bugger today which is just what you need with a few days to deadlines.

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