Thursday, 29 July 2010

Swirly swirly

I was looking back on the work I did for into the woods and decided I actually really liked the type I had drawn so I decided to have a blast at doing something of this type that could work for Spread your Wings. We decided that it would be good to have logos in a couple of varieties. One can be seen on the "You make me fly" piece which is Ross' type logo. I did a hand drawn one that could maybe be seen on a future website or something:

I liked the swirly type and almost wanted it to look loose and free. I wanted it to again be quite cute and fluent, to give an alternate to the computerized logo which is very structured. I think both would work well for the brand and either could be used depending on the purpose though the type one I can vision being used the most.

I liked the logo design and my into the woods work so I did this design thinking about how I could take the type style and use it on a t-shirt. This is a bit plain for a SYW t-shirt but I just wanted to see if I could get the style to work at all. I quite like this, I think it needs fine tuning but its down as a future idea for sure :)

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