Thursday, 29 July 2010

Point Design Placement

Wow so a busy 3 weeks. I am well not into this 9-5.30 business! I like my sleep faaar too much. I am very much a rubbish student and getting up at half 7 everyday has nearly killed me! I literally get home, make some tea then pass out haha. Fail! I did loads of stuff mind you, heres a few of my favourites...

Brief: Logo for a "back to school" leaflet for "the factory shop"... use factory shop logo. has to look like a real school badge... embroided. "Top marks for value". Basically I had to design a logo for a leaflet just to jazz the page up a bit I think...

These were my first two designs. The logo had to be school themed so I did pencil crayons to make it colourful and fun. Factory shop logo is blue so I made the badge blue so it was specicific for factory shop...

Top marks for value needed to be the focal point
colours needed to be more black and goooold (badsong)

I made it so the pencils were draaawing the top marks for value. I also wanted it to look a bit like a chalk board as thats to me what the type looked like so I made it white. I used my old love for the swirly type also to make it a bit more my style and changed the colours to gold... (yak but you gota do what the client wants not what you want... thats what I have learnt... ohhh no haha.)

My next brief was for a christmas leaflet so i had to come up with some kind of Christmas theme, something different to snowflakes, that worked as a background. Something for the background could be taken and used as an icon to highlight price points. I didn't want to do your typical Christmas theme so I decided to use a dorky Christmas jumper, meant to be crap but I think they are excellent haha :D

This was my initial jumper design I thought it would would alright as a background if you worked the type into it...

This would be what I would use as an icon working the price into the pattern?
Personally I quite like this design, though I don't think it's very factory shop... I just enjoyed creating a design that I actually liked!

I attempted to make the piece more factory shop using the blue of there logo and making it abit darker so that is wouldn't distract from any products put on the page but not sure it would really work. I just like it as a piece

My next Christmas idea was to just make some wallpapers with Christmas themed illustrations. These would be behind products for the shop so it wouldn't take away from them. Christmas coloured:

I actually used these wallpapers for my gift guide and they seemed to work quite well.

Next idea was using lights. Looks quite fun and bold but not very factory shop again.

Leaf wallpaper for Autumn leaflet.

My next task was for the point design itself. They create little mailers that they send to clients, for example they had created a coffee cup specific for the point design with "freshly brewed ideas" and then in the cup they had like a duck, which is their kind of logo. They had a few of these like bright ideas that was a lightbulb box and soupa ideas which was a soup tin. My task was to design something like this which looked like one thing but inside had a little slinkey. The slinkey represents that they "bend over backwards" to help sort of thing. I liked the idea of "Fresh" designs as I thought it was something quite appropriate to what ive been doing myself with my cookie types and i thought that the slinkey could almost be a cookie in a bag. I also thought of other "Fresh baked things" and decided in the end to do a little cupcake box and where the cupcake would be, you get the spring:

My first plan design was a sticker than would represent the freshley baked designs and keep the box shut... This is my logo. I actually really rather like it and might use it for my own stuff!!!

This was my cupcake box. The point design logo and colour choice then with my freshley baked designs. I think it looks pretty cool though it is heavily my style rather than that of point design. It would work well as my mailer if I actually worked there though :D

Brief: Logo for a PR company. Name: PR talent training or PRTT... work alongside an exisiting logo for clothier lacey. Lime green and purple:

I bloody hate designing logos, I am crap at them so this is my efforts.

This is my favourite logo and how it would look with the exisiting logo.

Design for a buisness leaflet for cross. Represents Vienna.

Jacksons is a law firm who wanted to create a logo for a new project: They came up with 3 names and wanted a couple style and colour of options for each of the names. Again I suck at corperate identity so this was my efforts:

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