Monday, 19 July 2010

Never felt more like singing the blues

Little logo I did for Spread Your Wings. Thought it would be quite cool to have some kind of character to make the brand recognisable. The owl represents the whole Spreading your wings thing being a bird an all ;). I choose an owl not only because they are cool, but they have meaning to my brother an I We used to go watch Sheffield Wednesday together as kids (their mascot is and Owl). Both of us are scared of animals but actually have a like for owls. Owl City is a favourite band of both of us. The songs and lyrics actually have saved our lives a few times haha. I wanted our owl to be quite "cute" almost "cheesy" so as to give it a kind of personality but also show the light hearted side of the company. I put him in high tops to represent this and the style which our t-shirts would probably be seen with. I like this little guy... hes a neat guy.

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