Monday, 19 July 2010

Drive my Soul (LIGHTS)

Ellie Goulding- Wish I'd stayed

There is some really amazing music out at the moment. New female singers seem to be emerging everyday and some of them are really bloody brilliant. Their lyrics are really inspiring and some of the CD designs/ general artwork are awesome. I'd say this music helped inspire the following designs. Sitting and listening to their songs made me just want to draw some stuff and this is what I came up with:

(crap colour again, think black) So when I get bored I find myself drawing ridiculous amounts of lines and filling entire pages of nothing but lines so I decided to make these lines into something. Listening to LIGHTS I got thinking about space and the world and exploring so I decided to create a piece inspired by space and planets.

I wanted to create some kind of sky design. I really like just pictures of the sky, stars, staring and the sky and that feeling of peace and calm so I did this. It's fairly simple but I like it. I was listening to Ellie Goulding at the time and her lyrics "Sky of Diamonds just for us" really helped inspire the piece. Ellie Goulding is just bloody amazing, I don't think I will ever get bored of her album. I went to see her recently and she also seemed generally nice. She started bashing away at this drum in the middle of "Salt Skin" and the passion and enthusiasm was just incredible. Shes going to be massssive.

This was a t-shirt design combining the other pieces I'd done and thinking how I could make it Spread your Wings esque. I'm happy with this piece, its vibrant and stands out. It's fairly over the top but I like it that way, I think a t-shirt should be quite ott so its striking. It involves the theme of flying in several ways, birds, space, general happiness. :)

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