Saturday, 26 September 2009


Illustration has always been a passion of mine. I specifically remember sitting and watching Toy Story in the cinema when it first came out, the ripe old age of 6, and thinking "this is incredible, I want to do something like that" At 6, I obviously didn't know I wanted to illustrate or do Graphics Design, but I knew I wanted to bring things to life, much like the toys. After that I used to sit and draw all the time and effectively got better at it....

Few of my favourite people. I love drawing people, illustrating style and fashion as I rather love fashion. I don't often draw in faces unless theres a desperate need to express an emotion, not because I can't, I just prefer not to. I'd never seen Mr Bingo work before which is a bit weird looking at it now.

This is a piece from the first Illustration project of Year 1. I made a book based on a quote from one tree hill. I can't remember it exactly but this illustration was to represent the like "All you need is one" aww...

This is just a doodle I did after watching the Notebook. The type is something Noah said which the illustration is based on. If it wasn't just a quick sketch I'd do the type better, more elegant. Thought about doing the whole thing on Illustrator to get crisp lines, but I don't want to loose that personal feel.

Invitation I did for a paaarty. Didn't get used mind, they opted for a more slick version of microsoft word and google images which killed me soul but I still like mine more. Some people, no taste :)

This was one of the initial designs I did for Spread your Wings. Quite like the idea but at the moment its a bit complicated for a t-shirt but I cant quite let it go.

I think I've finally mastered the ways of the blogging, treatz.

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