Saturday, 26 September 2009


I studied photography at collage for a year and although I enjoyed it, I was also doing Fine Art and Graphics and I seemingly enjoyed them more. Now I have an SLR however I find myself enjoying taking pictures more. My work is always stronger when I enjoy doing it, these pictures probably reflecting this...

These are some images from the Rule Book project. They did include type in the project but I prefer them as just photos. Mainly because I hand wrote the type and worked it in on photoshop as I didn't know how to do it in Illustator at this time. Now I know, I hate that the lines arn't crisp and clean!

Possibly the earliest I've been up in my life, on a train. Sometimes you see the best thing out of a window.

The wonders of my home town. Seriously...

I like the seaside.

Leeds Festival 2008- Even the rain couldn't put a dampener on this experience

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  1. I absolutely love these photo's... especially the one where you had never been up so early... it makes it even more special! The picture of the graffiti and the stairs, is that in Scunthorpe?
    It's a really good blog in general, mine is terrible and boring!