Sunday, 19 June 2011

Final Project

For my last ever uni project I wanted to create something that I loved. I feel illustration is my strongest area so I wanted to illustrate... I decided to focus music as its something I'm passionate and interested in. I just needed to come up with a reason. I've noticed a massive rise in female singers all of which are unique and successful so I decided to celebrate this fact with a series of posters. Having just watched the Brits I discovered that the Critics Choice Award had only been running for 4 years and each year it had been won by a British female so I thought this was an excellent way to tie my posters together.

initial sketches: I wanted the posters to focus on the girl but also their talent, why they are famous/succesful. this also helps highlight their individual styles, the way jessie j belts out a song compared to the way ellie sings with a unique and interesting tone. Next I put these sketches into the computer and drew everything on illustrator:

These are my final posters. Must admit the colours are alot more vibrant than they appear on here.

Adele: I wanted simplicity. Her songs, her style everything is so simply wonderful that I wanted her emotions to do all the speaking. The vibrant red/orange was to express the passion, love/heartbreak she sings about.

Florence: Gothic Fairytale meets acid trip. I wanted to express the quirky nature and fashion of Florence. I used a pattern from and old record box which is said to be wear she gained her first inspiration. I layed this over and mystical forest because she is frequently described as being in her own little world. The Green of the background creates a vibrant contrast with her hair which i hoped made you feel quite trippy.

Ellie: Ellie is my favourite singer so I really wanted to do her justice. Her music is described as Folktronica which is Folk music meets electro. She is inspired by folklore and nature so I used this background and overlayed an electronic keyboard to show the two styles merging. The drips are to represent her keen interest in running. Ellie is a hero.

Jessie J: Jessie is vibrant young and in your face so I wanted to portray that via her person. there are no secrets with her, what you see is what you get so I simply wanted the viewer to look at her and look at the emotions she emits when preforming. One of her songs speaks about how we are the colours of the rainbow, meaning we are all equal but unique. I used this idea to create her unique look.

Vectors ftw.

All 4 posters at degree show

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