Monday, 26 April 2010

Dddurham dddevelopment

Sooo, I decided to visually create the characters I'd thought up on my visit to Durham, so here are the peeople from the houses. I want to keep my drawing style quite simple and cute to reflect my thoughts of Durham. I also want to use alot of block, pastel colour, to illustrate my inspiration from the houses:

I want to keep colours to a minimum on each piece so I thought about the pastel colour, white and then a tone of the colour. Not sure what I like more, I think the black is a bit more prominent but I don't know if that is a good or a bad thing as the blue is quite nice.
Like the cut out look

Type Idea:
Initially I created this by hand drawing each work and then cutting sticking it all togther then making it look almost presentable on photoshop...
As I mentioned before I wanted to illustrate the stories I had created typographically so here are a few mock examples. If they are approved of, I intend to re-do them in illustrator to get nice vector lines as apposed to the current dodgy pixel line!

I included the illustration of the house it represents, then picked out the most interesting bits of the story I created. Love is obviously the focal point. Each bit of type can work alone or together for each "We love each other" works alone as does "Memories, Moments, nothing else matters" Then obviously it all works collectively together.

This one I added different tones from the background colour and added them to the house and type just to add a bit more interest, I think this works quite well, making words such as love (focal point) more prominent.

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