Wednesday, 14 April 2010

City Illustrations

I've decided I want to illustrate this project, simply because I haven't done a great deal of illustration in a while. So I began by drawing the houses just to see where it leads me :)

I added colour in simple blocks as thats how I saw the houses, just blocks of colour. I wanted these illustrations to just be quite simple but quite cute and fun. I got this feel from Durham, though its quite a small, quiant and quiet city (in comparison to the like of Newcastle) it still has elements in it which are quite fun and vibrant, for example the houses and the people from the city... I plan to work on these abit more but these are just my first ideas andI quite like. I plan to do the 8 illustrations, perhaps a page on people of the houses, a page on items in the houses... I'm not sure yet!

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  1. Hello ,

    THis drawing is epic, can we use it for an event in DC??? :) or call me at 954 254 5202